The “Aim Bag” is made of authentic Thai Buddhist robe cloth and handcrafted by the local housewives of Bangkok’s old town.

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The idea of the Aim Bag came from the wanting to make use of cloth leftover from the process of making monk robes in the Wang Krom Community. The cloth is new and has never been used before.

The bag is a symbol of the oldest city quarter that produces Buddhist supplies. The inside of the bucket bag is made of orange and brown cloth adorned with beautiful patterns. The outside is made of good quality white canvas.

The length of the shoulder strap can be altered by adjusting the knot. It’s simple design is attractive on any age or sex. Money from each purchase is given back to locals of Bangkok’s old town.

“Aim” means to be content in Thai. Therefore owners of the “Aim Bag” are bound to fulfilled in life.